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The Center for Social Sector Leadership is defining a new generation of business leaders, a generation that understands and values the crucial role that nonprofit and public institutions play in the world's increasingly collaborative economy. Whether students seek to consult with social sector organizations, found a social enterprise, become effective philanthropists, lead through board governance, or pursue a career in the sector, the Center provides the leadership education to help them succeed.

NEWS: Philanthropy University is a global initiative to provide free online courses designed and taught by industry leaders from UC Berkeley, McKinsey, Hewlett, Kiva, and others. Philanthropy University is powered by Berkeley-Haas. Visit the program page for more information.

We are excited to introduce The Social Impact Collective – a new opportunity for individuals and families who have the commitment and financial means to make transformative, lasting change in their communities and the world. Read more about the Social Impact Collective on our blog.

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Amy Chou

Haas Social Impact Fund: Amy Chou

Every year, the Haas Social Impact Fund selects students interested in using their internships to work in the social sector. The program is funded mostly by current Haas MBA students who divert a small part of their summer salaries to support their classmates.

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Social Sector Research

Conflicted Democracies

Conflicted Democracies and Gendered Violence

This pioneering publication is authored by an interdisciplinary and global collective of experts, and draws on work with women victim-survivors of conflict and mass violence in defining redress.

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Kat Taylor

Social Sector Solutions

Each year, 10 nonprofit organizations are chosen to participate in our experiential program, Social Sector Solutions (S3). Delve into this program's mission, structure, and success.

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