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The path to social impact knows no boundaries.

We are defining a new generation of business leaders, a generation that understands and values the crucial role that nonprofit and public institutions play in the world's increasingly collaborative economy. Whether students seek to consult with social sector organizations, found a social enterprise, become effective philanthropists, lead through board governance, or pursue a career in the sector, the Center provides the leadership education to help them succeed.

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Too Much Regulation is Bad for Nonprofits

Given all the momentous news of late, even the most ardent follower of the social sector might have forgetten that this spring saw a torrent of journalism on corruption in nonprofits.

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Colin Boyle: Social Impact Metrics

Though he worked 15 years with the Boston Consulting Group and currently serves as the first ever Deputy Director of UCSF Global Health Sciences, Colin Boyle found inspiration and surprises in teaching Strategic Management for Nonprofit Organizations at Haas: “Teaching the class has been an amazing experience for me. Exhausting too – I feel drained after each class because the Haas students keep me on my toes at all times with their insight and ideas.”

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